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Beyond Paint

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of DIY home repair and makeover shows. Sometimes during a rainy weekend day, I get sucked into watching one or two of these shows. They all follow the same formula and during the “reveal” there is always something that is reused from the “before,” but cleaned up and painted to match the new decor. What they never show is the hours of prep time required to make the old item look new again. It’s not so easy to sand and strip cabinets or furniture to deliver a like-new finish.

Beyond Paint offers a solution to all that time-consuming and often back-breaking prep work with its All-in-One paint. Beyond Paint is a no sanding, no priming all-in-one paint that is a bonder, primer and finisher. Once cured the paint is washable and only requires two coats. There is virtually no limit to what it can bond to including wood, metal, Formica, laminate, plastic, glass, linoleum, masonry, tile, concrete and even previously painted surfaces.

Beyond Paint is applied using a 3/8” nap roller for larger surfaces and a paintbrush for those smaller areas. The paint is much thicker than normal paint and is self-leveling so it will not show brush marks. Another benefit of the paint is its durability—it covers three to four times more than the regular paint. It achieves extended coverage using nanotechnology, which increases the paint particles. Lastly, it’s eco-friendly and contains a low VOC so it’s safe around children or pets. Click here to view a quick company video.

Since Beyond Paint can be applied to so many different surfaces and requires no real prep, we decided to recruit a few DIY homeowners with various home projects. When I supplied the paint I told each tester the only prep work required is to make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease. They all gave me a similar look of disbelief and one tester even commented, “yeah, I heard that before.” After their tests were completed each one raved about how easy the product was to apply, the overall coverage and how it shows no brush or roller marks.

One tester is a mother who wanted an improved look for her son’s room, since all his furniture was secondhand IKEA-style items. However, she did not feel like spending the money on replacing every piece and decided to paint the bed and dresser. Her final comment to me sums it up nicely: “It looks better now than if I would have replaced everything with new furniture from IKEA.” Regardless of how large or small your store’s paint department is you definitely need to consider stocking Beyond Paint.

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