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48″ Stainless Steel Drum Fan—Shop-Vac Corp.

ShopVac_StainlessWe tried out the 48″ Stainless Steel Drum Fan and all of our testers remarked that it looked too good to be used in a commercial work environment. The stainless drum housing is polished to a beautiful shine and it did not tarnish after being taken out of the box. It has two speeds and is capable of moving massive amounts of air.

If you are in the party rental business, then this would be an ideal fan to use for outdoor weddings or parties. It is aesthetically appealing, quiet and extremely easy to move around. The two-speed motor can create a gentle air movement at the lower speed setting or, if needed, it can be switched to the high setting to generate big air movement. It would also be perfect for office settings to air out cleaning odors or paint fumes. The Stainless Steel Drum Fans come in 24, 30, 36“, 42 and 48 diameter sizes.

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