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In this month’s Shop Talk, I have the opportunity to review a completely different product category than traditional hardware products. Bolaball is a company that specializes in high-quality, solid-wood games for indoors and outdoors that can be enjoyed for years. The company shipped us their 3-in-1 Extreme Fun Pack containing six Giant Dice, 28 Dominoes and 45 Tumbling Blocks.

The outdoor living category has experienced rapid growth and shows no signs of slowing. In a survey published by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, interest in outdoor living projects has grown by about 85 percent in the U.S. compared to the past few years.

A subset of this category is outdoor entertainment, and Bolaball has combined dice, dominoes and blocks to create more than 20 different games. One game example: Roll the dice and remove the corresponding numbered block from the giant wood block tower while trying not to topple the structure. The dice choose which block you pick, adding an element of luck to this fun, family-friendly game.

Living in South Florida means living in perpetual summer, where outdoor living is a cornerstone of the culture. We supplied our samples to testers who frequently host outdoor gatherings, barbecues and movie nights to get their feedback. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with testers commenting on the high-quality materials and virtually limitless game options.

One tester’s comments stood out: “Getting kids and many adults off electronics to engage in traditional games is challenging, but the Bolaball Extreme Fun Pack brings all ages together.”

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