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24″ Galvanized Slim Line Drum Fan—Shop-Vac Corp.

Shop-Vac-Slim-Line-Drum-FanFinally, we tested the 24 Galvanized Slim Line Drum Fan, which was equally impressive both in quality, ease of moving around and air movement. The slim line drum fans also come with aluminum fan blades and are equally as quiet. The 24 slim line drum fan comes with a slightly different frame allowing the fan to be tilted using the easy-to-turn thumb screws on each side.

All of the fans we tested came with 10 heavy-duty three-prong cords and all of the fans are UL tested. Another feature that all of the testers mentioned and hardware retailers will really like is the fans come pre-assembled out of the box and all that needs to be done is to attach the wheels using the axle and the hitch pens included. Total assembly was less than three minutes and didn’t require any tools.

The last feature all of our testers mentioned was how well thought out the fans were starting with the location of the handle, the balance of the fan and how easy it was to move it around.

We think Shop-Vac has once again developed a winner and could very well dominate the drum fan category in the independent hardware channel. Congratulations to Jonathan Miller and the whole team at Shop-Vac.

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