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T-Rex® Double Sided Super Glue Tape – Shurtape

A necessity for on-the-go contractors looking for an easy, mess-free replacement for traditional liquid glues, T-Rex® Double Sided Super Glue Tape instantly adheres to surfaces without staining them and it won’t bond to skin. Plus, the tape won’t dry out over time.

The aggressive acrylic adhesive on both sides of a thin polyester film backing provides a near-invisible bond to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, metal, wood, tile, glass, plastic, ceramic and fabric.

The tape is ideal for contractor jobs that require permanent mounting like attaching chair rail or molding to walls, adhering foam insulation around windows and doors, and installing LED lighting underneath cabinets. It also works well for quick carpentry repairs such as reattaching wood veneer.

Meets the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as safe for use in crafting and schools.

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