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Simpson Strong-Tie H1A Hurricane Tie

Next-generation hurricane tie achieves higher allowable uplift and F2 loads to meet building safety needs of homes in high-wind regions.

Designed for nominal 2x lumber, H1A features innovative embossments that add stiffness for improved allowable uplift and lateral loads.

The H1A installs quickly and easily with 1-1/2” nails, eliminating the need to use two different nail sizes in the same connector and reducing both length and overall number of nails required.

Ideal for both single-family and multifamily wood-framed construction, the H1A provides a connection between the truss or rafter and the wall for the increased strength to help buildings resist wind and seismic forces, and is available in standard G90 galvanization or with ZMAX® coating for corrosion resistance.

Simpson Strong-Tie

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