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Shockforce™ G2 Tape Measure by Crescent Lufkin

The Lufkin brand name dates back to 1869 when E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company started in Cleveland, Ohio, to serve the logging industry. Lufkin is known for innovation, introducing the first steel tape measure produced in the USA in 1890 and later the folding wooden rule. The folding rule was the primary measuring tool until the 1940s with the introduction of the retractable tape measure. The company is now known as Crescent Lufkin, which is part of the Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world.

Click here and here to view brief videos of all the Shockforce™ G2’s enhancements.

We received a shipment of the Shockforce™ G2, the second generation of the Shockforce tape measure, rated for 120’ drops. A quick visual inspection of the G2 indicates this tape was made for the harsh environment of the job site. The G2 features a thicker casing, reinforced fastening points, nested endhook, a thru-hole for tethering and an improved belt clip for attachment.

The robust construction continues inside with a wider, thicker blade featuring a Mylar coating on the first 6″ to prevent blade tears from twisting and turning. Due to the enhanced blade, the G2 achieves an industry-leading 17’ of reach. The tape’s endhook is diamond coated with 360° grasping power and firmly secured with multiple anchors. There are three versions of the G2: standard, auto-lock and magnetic endhook, ranging in size from 16’ and 25’ to 35’.

We provided G2s to professional tradesmen ranging from carpenters to general handymen. All our testers commented on the premium feel of the enhanced case and overall ruggedness. One tester stated, “You immediately knew this tape was built by pros for pros. Like the folding wooden rule, the Shockforce G2 is designed for years of use in some of the most challenging work environments.

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