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Pro Line of Wood Coatings

  • New professional line of wood coatings is specifically developed for contractors, builders and wood shops and will be sold through independent dealers.
  • The line will feature advanced water-based spray finishes as well as traditional pre-catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnishes and sealers.
  • “We are taking our extensive understanding of wood coatings and offering a pro-focused program that applicators will appreciate for its ease of application, time savings and value,” says Robert Reints, director of operations at Old Masters. “Our professional line will be easily identifiable with branding exclusive to its products and supported by its own website that will showcase the product and offer reference material, technical data and an FAQ section.”
  • Old Masters has launched an exclusive water-based, single-component finish that offers an alternative to traditional pre-cat lacquers and conversion varnishes. Apex HPP Interior WaterBased Clear Finish sprays extremely well, delivers superior chemical and wear resistance, and offers quick dry times. Water-based products like Apex HPP meet many of the requirements in areas where VOCs are a concern, one important factor in selecting products for in-field application.
  • MultiLac™ Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer offers superior performance to standard nitro-cellulose lacquers without having to add catalyst. VersiVar™ Conversion Varnish features self-sealing technology that eliminates the need for a separate sealer. Integra™ Vinyl Sealer offers superior performance to standard nitro-cellulose sealers without having to add catalyst as would be necessary with post-catalyzed sealers.

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