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Multipurpose Utility Transfer Tank

Multipurpose Utility Transfer Tank

This new Multipurpose Utility Transfer Tank opens the door to vast new markets and makes performing daily tasks much easier.

Applications include watering plants, washing your hands/dishes while camping, filling up the dog’s water bowl, diesel exhaust fluid, windshield wiper fluid, coolant and more.

Comes in both 2+ gallon & 5 gallon capacities.

The flexible spout rotates down more than 180 degrees and fits perfectly into any machine’s fill location while the thumb release trigger on top controls the flow.  By pulling straight back on the safety trigger and then down on the thumb button, fuel is released immediately while you stay in complete control.  When you notice your fill tank is almost full, slowly release the thumb button and allow the excess fuel to drain from the top of the spout before rotating it back up. No more bending over and tipping your fuel can forward and holding it in an awkward position.


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