Krylon Dual Product Review

Dual™ Paint + Primer


Krylon has developed a complete line of Dual™ paint and primer in one spray paint, which is great. The products we tested were the Hammered Finish and the Metallic Finish. Hammered and metallic finishes are not new, as several manufacturers have developed these types of products over the years.

What our testers found so appealing about Krylon’s Hammered and Metallic Finish spray paints is how easy they flowed and covered. None of our testers experienced the “orange peel” or flooding effect they had experienced with other similar finished products in the past. The other nice feature is there was no need to prime the surface before applying the finish coat.

The Krylon Dual line is not just limited to Hammered and Metallic finishes, since they also have 32 other colors in Gloss, Satin and Flat finishes. Krylon is a brand that is trusted by retailers and end users. The new line of Krylon Dual spray paints seems to hold up to the Krylon quality standard we’ve all come to expect. To learn more about this product go to


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