Hardware Ambassador

About Us

The Hardware Ambassador Program was designed to bring the independent hardware industry together to share information in the most efficient and profitable way within the two step hardware channel.  It serves the retail, manufacturer and wholesale communities with programs to help sell more merchandise through the two step wholesale channel as well as helping retailers keep up with the latest product releases, product benefits and training as well as the latest in technology improvements that can help stream line the processes of receiving product through the wholesaler(s) to selling products at the retailer level.

We will keep you informed with the latest industry developments and announcements of industry events, personnel changes and promotions. We also aim to facilitate industry focus groups to explore ways to improves “Best Practices and Procedures” as well as informal get together opportunities to meet other people in the hardware channel.

Hardware Ambassador Program members are committed to the highest standards in the hardware industry, setting the standard for business relationships, community involvement and business professionalism.  We are committed to providing members (retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers) with access to tools that help the industry communicate more efficiently within the independent hardware Industry.  It’s truly Where the Industry Comes Together!

Meet Our Sponsors

We are proud to partner with the following companies that recognize and uphold the importance and strong economic benefits of supporting the cornerstones of our communities, which are the independent hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards.


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