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High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape™

Engineered to consistently adhere to difficult surfaces such as self-cleaning paints and rough textures, including stucco, brick and concrete, FrogTape High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape is ideal for outdoor projects that require a strong, conformable tape that offers clean removal without shredding.

It features an aggressive adhesive that is capable of holding strong during tough outdoor projects—such as keeping poly sheeting in place during spray painting—yet it removes cleanly, without residue, for up to three days.

Not only does it stick to difficult, uneven substrates, but it also adheres well to painted wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Plus, its crepe paper backing allows it to conform easily to bends and turns, making a quick task of masking around exterior doorways and windows.

Shurtape Technologies/FrogTape®

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