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Heavy-Duty Timber Drive™ Stand-Up Driver from Simpson Strong-Tie

Ideal for heavy-duty jobs that require repetitive fastening, such as decks, docks, piers and flooring.

Engineered to vertically drive large structural screws without the operator having to bend over. Ergonomic Timber Drive structural fastening system causes less fatigue for knees, back and shoulders, increasing user comfort, speed and productivity.

Patent-pending drop-feed loader allows for semi-automatic driving of a variety of Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners.

Versatile use with 4 adjustable countersink depth settings and 2 interchangeable nosepieces that accommodate either face-screwing or connector fastening and can drive 3” to 6-1/4” structural screws.

Features a positive placement tip that locates connector holes and provides true, straight, perpendicular driving when fastening metal straps to mass timber panels.

Simpson Strong-Tie

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