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FrogTape™ Touch Up Cup

Innovative paint storage solution that makes touch-up projects easy and mess-free. Once your painting project is complete, pour leftover paint into the 12 oz. cup and then twist the lid to lock it in place. Holds enough paint for touch up projects, while reducing the amount of storage space needed.

Includes clear container to easily see paint color and label to note the room, date and color of paint project.

Stainless steel rapid mixing sphere makes it easy to reconstitute the paint, without a stir stick. Air-tight closure keeps paint fresh for up to 10 years when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Innovative design features plastic cup and stainless-steel mixing ball to avoid the risk of rust and clumps that can occur when storing paint in original container.

Frog Tape/Shurtape Technologies | 800-321-1733

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