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Cutting Rail Guide

• Made with heavy-duty rigid aluminum for long life and consistent straight edges, the 50-inch Jorgensen cutting rail guide clamps onto work surfaces and allows for accurate cuts up to 50 inches long.

• Featuring a handle-locking mechanism and built-in ruler, the new 97100 series is best suited for use with jigsaws, circular saws, routers and other portable power tools.

• For workpieces longer than 50 inches, the 50-inch cutting guide extension rail, which is sold separately, can be easily attached to the cutting guide, doubling the length of the cut and clamping up to 100 inches.

• With this new cutting rail guide and extension rail, Pony Jorgensen, a Century Club manufacturer operated by Arrow Fastener Company, adds to its wide variety of nontraditional specialty clamps.

Pony Jorgensen

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