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Crescent® Pipe Wrenches

Crescent® Pipe Wrenches

  • New Crescent Pipe Wrenches have been redesigned from the ground up to be lighter, quicker to adjust and more comfortable to use.
  • They have also been designed to deliver the most powerful pipe grip ever with new straight wrenches offering larger bite surfaces and exclusive K9™ 30-degree angle access jaws that deliver massive turning power, even in the tightest, most restricted situations.
  • Crescent straight pipe wrenches come in both cast aluminum and cast iron. Aluminum models are up to 40 percent lighter than typical cast-iron wrenches with thicker cross-sections in high-stress areas for exceptional strength.
  • These cast-iron wrenches have also been optimized for strength, weighing up to 10 percent less than competitive products.

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