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Crescent 2-in-1 Extendable Layout Tool

Apex Tool Group

Crescent, a division of Apex Tool Group, recently launched an innovative take on the square with the launch of the EX6 2-in-1 Extendable Layout Tool. The EX6 is designed to replace the 7” and 12” square often carried by most tradesmen with one 7” square featuring a 6” foldout extension, creating a 12” square.

The EX6 is constructed of solid aluminum, reducing weight and providing protection against the elements. The laser-etched markings increase visibility and resist the inevitable wear and tear. The aluminum design also offers one additional feature: limiting heat retention for roofers and other hot-climate workers.

The foldout extension is controlled by a simple quick-access thumb lock. The lock is essential to keeping the extension securely closed during use and for easy storage. The hinge is constructed of the same high-grade durable aluminum, ensuring longevity. The EX6 also comes with a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Our testers consisted of a commercial roofer and a few active woodworkers. The testers immediately questioned if the hinge would impact the performance of the EX6. Those concerns were quickly put to rest after feeling the high-quality construction of the square and seeing no give or flex when opening or closing the foldout. Each tester also commented on the weight saved by the aluminum construction. The collapsable design allows for storage in traditional work pouches, eliminating time searching for the 12” square.

The Cresent EX6 is an excellent addition to any DIYer or tradesman’s toolbox and an outstanding option for customers looking to simplify jobs and tools. 

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