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Blue Rhino Propane Exchange

Blue Rhino cleans, leak-tests and inspects every tank; retrofits tanks that have outdated components; and requalifies tanks when needed.

Blue Rhino recycles millions of propane tanks every year, keeping them out of landfills. Since propane is a clean-burning fuel, the U.S. government lists it as an alternative to other fossil fuels.

If you have an empty tank, it’s as easy as Drop, Swap & Go. First, find a Blue Rhino retailer by visiting the store locator or by texting FIND to 75653. When you arrive at the store, drop your empty tank beside the propane display. Next, purchase a tank from the cashier. A store employee will escort you to the display and provide you with a fresh, ready-to-grill tank.

Use the Rhino Gauge app from Blue Rhino to make sure you never run out of gas while grilling again.

Blue Rhino

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