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Crescent® Connect Clamp System 


Crescent-Connect-Clamp3B_LGApex Tool has been on fire with new products this year. Leading the way was the Code Red™ product line of demolition products. Their latest product is pretty cool, too. It’s called Connect and is a modular clamping system under the Crescent® brand.

The Connect clamping system is a high-quality bar clamp and spreader clamp with some nice enhancements like larger than normal clamp pads so material doesn’t slip off the clamp as you tighten up on the clamps. It features bigger grips that allow you to apply 500 pounds of clamping force. The clamp pads also come off, exposing the pipe grip and allowing the user to clamp down and secure round objects.

What makes the Connect clamp really special is the “Connector,” which enables the user to connect clamps together so you can use multiple clamps at different angles to secure multiple objects. No one has that! Every one of our testers said “Wow” when they started using the Connector with the Connect clamp. Make it a point to stop by the Apex booth at the next show and try it out. I think you will agree that it has a very high “wow” factor.


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