Websites We Like

Here are some of our favorite websites that contain information of value to independent hardware/home improvement retailers…

  1. Hardlines Digestwww.hardlinesdigest.com
  2. The Hardware Conferencewww.thehardwareconference.com
  3. National Federation of Independent Businesswww.nfib.com
  4. NFIB Small Business Update — http://www.nfib.com/rss.ashx?feed=7
  5. NFIB Small Business Legislative Newshttp://www.nfib.com/press-media/rss-feeds
  6. NFIB My Business magazinehttp://www.nfib.com/mybusiness-magazine
  7. Retailer Edgewww.retaileredge.com
  8. Footsteps Marketingwww.footstepsblog.com
  9. National Association of Home Builders housing datahttp://www.nahb.org/rss/news_pressreleases.aspx?pid=0
  10. Institute for Local Self-Reliancewww.ilsr.org
  11. ILSR Hometown Advantage Retail Newshttp://www.newrules.org/retail/newsflash/feed
  12. ILSR New Rules Projecthttp://www.newrules.org/everything/feed
  13. Local Firstwww.localfirst.com
  14. Random Lengthswww.randomlengths.com
  15. Made in USAwww.madeinusa.org
  16. Still Made in USAwww.stillmadeinusa.com
  17. Inc. magazinewww.inc.com
  18. Entrepreneur magazinewww.entrepreneur.com
  19. Business Alliance for Local Living Economies — www.livingeconomies.org
  20. American Independent Business Alliance — www.amiba.net
  21. Doug Stephens: Retail Prophet Consultinghttp://retailprophet.com/blog/
  22. Bob Phibbs: The Retail Doctorwww.retaildoc.com/blog/
  23. Resurg Groupwww.resurg.com.au/
  24. Paint Quality Institute — www.paintquality.com
  25. Extreme How-To magazinehttp://extremehowto.com/

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