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Vertalok | Gardus Inc.

Gardus, the same company that developed the LintEater line of products, has now come out with Vertalok rotary gutter cleaning system. Vertalok takes the same concept of using a cordless drill to drive the drive shaft within the aluminum pole to rotate the nylon bristle brush that removes the leaves and dirt from your gutter. Unlike many similar gutter-cleaning products, this one is light and easy to maneuver standing flatfooted on the ground.

Not only can you hook up your cordless drill to drive the power brush it also comes with accessories to use with your garden hose to flush out any remaining debris you may have missed. It also comes with an adapter to attach to your digital camera, so you can make sure you got the gutter clean without getting out a ladder to check. Vertalok has aluminum extension poles in the event your gutters are higher than normal.

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