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Vacmaster Professional® Beast Series 12-Gal Wet/Dry Vac from Cleva North America

Cleva North America offers a portfolio of innovative brands, including Vacmaster®, Vacmaster Professional®, Duravac™, Kenmore®, Kenmore Elite®, Armor All™ and LawnMaster®. We received a shipment of their newest Vacmaster Professional® Beast Series addition—a 12-gallon 5.5 horsepower model. The 12-gallon addition fits nicely within their current Beast Series, including the 16-, 14- and 5-gallon models.

The 12-Gallon 5.5 hp model utilizes a polypropylene tank with a built-in hose, power cord and accessory storage in a compact footprint. The compact footprint is a benefit of the vacuum flat-head motor design, making storage even simpler. The vacuum also boasts a total cleaning reach of 27”, reducing the need to move the unit constantly. It also offers the ability to switch to a blower, enhancing its versatility. See below to view a short product video.

Every home should own at least one wet/dry vacuum for the inevitable leaks, spills and debris too large for a standard house vacuum. Using this logic, we supplied our samples to a mix of testers—professional contractors, active DIYer and the occasional user. All testers commented on the impressive suction power of the 5.5 hp motor and extensive accessories.

Two comments stood out from our active DIYer and occasional user. Our DIYer noted the exceptional cleaning reach led them to clean up more frequently, since it was simpler to use it quickly. The occasional user experienced a clogged drain and needed to empty the sink of water before fixing it. The vacuum’s oversized drainage allowed them to drain the unit without lifting it.

If your store sells wet/dry vacuums, consider adding the Vacmaster Professional® Beast Series, including the new 12-gallon model. The vacuum can handle the everyday abuse on the construction site and make quick work of home clean-up.

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