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The Saw-Max™ | Dremel

Dremel has done it again with another product that is sure to sell well in the two-step hardware channel. The Saw-Max™ is every bit as functional as the Dremel Multi-Max™ that was launched a couple of years ago.

The Dremel Saw-Max is a very compact power saw that is lightweight, easy to handle and has more than enough “guts” to cut through ¾” plywood, ¾” concrete driveway pavers, ceramic tile and aluminum diamond plate sheeting. I’m sure there are many other materials as well, but those are the ones we tested the Saw-Max on for this review.

There are several other features that make this tool a pleasure to use. It’s very easy to change the blades, as the button on the top locks the blade shaft so you can loosen and tighten the various blades that come with the Saw-Max. You can also lock the trigger down if you are doing a lot of cutting or working at an awkward angle. Another neat feature is that it comes with a flush-cut blade, which makes it perfect for trim work.

I could easily see a finish carpenter or a DIYer using the Saw-Max for quick trim work or punch list work versus unloading the power miter saw or circular saw to do quick light work. I could also see a novice DIYer buying the Saw-Max to handle most small cutting jobs around the house. Make sure you go by and look over the Dremel Saw-Max for yourself at the next show you attend. I think you will agree that this is a tool we can sell in our stores and our customers will be glad we do.

Here is a video of the product in action:

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