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SureCan is an innovative solution to solving a few of the most common problems with portable gas cans—ease of pouring and elimination of awkward angles required to dispense. The traditional gas can has been around since the 1930s and while the materials have changed from metal to plastic, not much else happened until 2009. This was the year the EPA adopted the California Air Resources Board (CARB) rule that changed everything.

The new regulations eliminated the traditional vent, introduced childproof features and set minimum standards for emissions. Like many laws, it was created with good intentions but the implementation has left consumers frustrated. I recall my first time using a CARB-compliant tank to fill a hot lawn mower and spilling fuel all over the machine. Trying to balance a 5-gallon can and compress a springloaded spout proved to be much harder than I ever expected.

SureCan’s inventor was a general contractor and shared similar experiences as I did when filling equipment. After years of design and engineering, he created an innovative gas can while still meeting or exceeding the EPA’s regulations.

SureCan’s design relocated the traditional spout to the bottom of the can, enabling an easier method to dispense fuel. The cans also feature a thumb-release button that controls the flow of fuel and is self-ventilating, providing an easy-to-control pour. On the back of the can is a childproof cap that ensures safe storage.

Lastly, the can is made with six layers of high-density plastic and a middle barrier layer. While the six layers prevent fumes from escaping during storage, they also create an extremely durable gas can. Here are a few videos showing its durability: 1. SureCan: Roll Test
2. SureCan: Durability Test
3. SureCan: Sledge Hammer Test

All of our testers commented on how easy it was to dispense gas in various situations. One of our testers even took it on his boat and had no spills while the boat was rocking from the waves. SureCan is an excellent choice for your customers who are tired of the conventional filling method of dispensing flammable liquids and looking for a premium product that makes the process painless.

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