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SpeedWave™ Spade Bit—Robert Bosch Tool Corp.

Bosch-Daredevil-1Bosch’s Daredevil™ line has developed a SpeedWave™ paddle bit that truly lives up to its name. This wood-boring paddle bit has several enhanced features that literally can drill as much as 10 times faster than conventional wood-boring paddle bits. It starts with a full-threaded tip that needs minimal push to get the threaded tip started. Then the paddle part of the bit itself has a contour (wave) that allows the cutting tips to create a clean hole edge and move the wood shavings out of the hole quickly, decreasing friction and increasing the cutting speed.

However, it doesn’t just stop there. The 4” and 6” shanks come with an impact shank for high-torque impact drivers. The Daredevil line also comes in 16” shanks for conventional drill chucks. Our testers tested the 4” length bits and all of them commented on the convenient size and how easy they are to access in tight spaces, but are still long enough to drill through a 4×4.

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