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SKATEPLATE® – CircSaw Technologies

CircSaw Technologies is a new company to the market and offers a new power tool accessory designed for both the pro and DIY markets: SKATEPLATE®.The power tool accessory market is full of products and innovations designed to make power tools more useful and productive. Many of the accessories are either brand or application-specific, which can limit its appeal to the market. 

SKATEPLATE has been designed as an accessory for one of the staples of power tools—the circular saw. SKATEPLATE turns virtually any circular saw, including battery-powered ones, into a portable table saw. The SKATEPLATE also features dual polyurethane rollers that glide over surfaces, increasing cutting speed and eliminating scratching. Click here to see a video highlighting its features.

The SKATEPLATE assembles in three easy steps and includes all the mounting hardware. Once attached the plate does not limit the cutting options of the circular saw or greatly impact its cutting depth—less than 1/8”. The company also offers a water saw accessory to enable cutting of granite, masonry or concrete.

Our testers were a mix of professionals and non-professionals who tried the SKATEPLATE on various job sites or home projects. All of our tester’s feedback centered around two primary points: table saw cutting accuracy in a mobile package and how effortlessly the saw slides over the cutting material. The adjustable SKATEGUIDE® provides precision and serves as an additional handhold. The rollers effortlessly glide over the surface, which reduces vibrations and user fatigue. The company even offers replacement rollers if they become damaged or just worn out.

Since the potential market is large—almost anyone with a circular saw—the SKATEPLATE is a perfect addition to your power tool accessory assortment. It also makes a great gift idea for the customer shopping for something for the “person who has it all.” 

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