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Rust Stain Remover | W. M. Barr Company

Goof Off® has come out with a Rust Stain Remover and it is just fantastic. If you have rust stain issues in your marketplace—which most of us do—this is a must-stock product to have in your store. It will literally remove rust stains from concrete, fiberglass, plaster, nylon rope, canvas, plaster and even wood. But the best part is that it just dissolves the rust away. There is no scrubbing or rubbing involved!

Anyone who has ever owned a fiberglass boat knows how difficult it is to remove rust stains around stainless screws, rail fittings, cleats and hinges. I’m always reminded that stainless steel is “stain-less not stain proof” depending on the grade of stainless steel. All you do is use a sponge brush or small spray bottle and apply the Goof Off Rust Stain Remover and walk away. In most cases, when you come back in just a few minutes the stain is gone. Now you just rinse the surface with water and you’re finished! It’s that easy.

In cases of real deep dark rust stains you may have to brush or spray on one or two more applications, but I’ve never found a rust stain this product wouldn’t remove. It works equally as well on automotive rust stains on pavers or concrete driveways using the same technique—simply brush or spray it on and walk away. It’s also terrific at removing the rust stains sprinklers leave on the sides of houses.

I even tried it on some canvas sails and a nylon anchor line that the stainless shackle had rusted. It took several applications because it was a very deep, dark blood red stain, but sure enough, the Goof Off Rust Stain Remover took it out.

As a hardware retailer, the other thing I really like is that chemicals like Goof Off’s Rust Stain Remover are consumables that lead to multiple sales, not just one. The product label and merchandising of all the Goof Off products is very well done and the Rust Stain Remover is no exception. At your next wholesaler show stop by the Goof Off  booth and you’ll see what I mean.

If you have rust stain issues in your marketplace, then this is a product you will want on your shelves. Once your customers know how good it works, they will be back for more.

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