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RESCUE!® Spider Traps

For anyone that has spent any time in Florida, you know the state does not lack for its fair share of bugs. Mosquitoes, beetles, ants, spiders, you name it and we have plenty. While all of these bugs perform their unique purpose in our environment, it becomes a problem when they enter our homes.

Spider traps have been around for years, but recently RESCUE! took a different approach to removing these arachnids. Most spider traps consist of paper tents with glue to catch the spiders when they enter the trap. One of the issues with these traps is the entry point catches the spider and does not allow the spider to enter further into the trap. This limits the number of spiders that can be caught using traditional paper tent traps.

RESCUE! Spider Traps did away with the messy paper tent and instead created a decorative, thin, hard plastic shell with multiple entry points. The traps also feature a glue dot pattern, allowing more spiders to enter the trap. The glue dot pattern is also applied to both sides of the trap, effectively doubling the use of the trap. Click here for a brief overview of the RESCUE! Spider Traps.

All our testers mentioned how easy it was to use the product since no assembly is required. The dark color and thin profile made placement easy, but more importantly out of sight. As one tester said, “No one wants to see a messy glue tent in the house or around their children and pets.” An unofficial review was given by my nine-year-old son when I showed him the product in our office. He said, “They can catch big spiders and small spiders, but just not Spider-Man!”

RESCUE Spider Traps are made in the USA and a great addition to any store selling spider traps. RESCUE! created a dedicated page on their website for retailer information. Click here to view.

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