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RapidFix UV

RapidFix UV
RapidFix/LHB Industries

If the name RapidFix sounds familiar it’s because we tested their Dual Adhesive System in our September 2019 issue. Click here to read the review. The company has now introduced a liquid plastic adhesive with accompanying UV light. Both products offer the same wide range of application, but are designed to solve different problems.

RapidFix UV fills and adheres to numerous surfaces including wood, plastic and metal and can even be used as a low-voltage insulator. The difference in the two products is the UV light must be able to reach the surface where the Dual Adhesive System bonds two surfaces together. Application is easy and straightforward. After the surface is prepared, simply apply RapidFix UV and then cure the adhesive with 10-20 seconds of UV light. The product will not cure until the application of the UV light. Both products can be sanded, filed, drilled and even painted. Click here to view the application process and the virtually unlimited uses.

We used the same group of testers as the Dual Adhesive System, since they were familiar with the product. Our testers were just as impressed with the UV version as they were with the Dual Adhesive. One of our testers used the UV Adhesive to close a hairline crack in the middle of a PVC pipe without any leaks. One of our testers commented that the RapidFix products are the “Swiss Army knife” of adhesives.

Carrying RapidFix in your store not only provides your customers with a highly versatile adhesive product, but also supports a great cause. The product is manufactured by a 501(c)3 supporting services for the legally blind. LHB Industries also employs 48 people who are legally blind for assembly and packing in St. Louis.

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