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Premium Battery Line — Procell

In 2020, the North American battery market was valued at $22.5 billion and expected to grow at an annual rate of 10.5 percent through 2027. It seems all the attention is focused on either electric vehicles (EVs) or the consumer electronic markets. However, one market that seems to fly under the radar is the professional market. Procell, a division of Duracell, is looking to provide hardware stores with the products and resources to service this valuable industry.

Procell is a premium battery that exclusively serves the professional market. What sets Procell apart from the consumer market is the focus on “device-specific” applications for the hospitality, medical, infrastructure, industrial and safety/security markets. The power needs for a smoke detector (constant drain) are completely different than a paper towel dispenser (high drain). This device-specific approach extends the life of the battery. While extending the battery life does yield a cost savings, the real savings is realized in the reduction of labor required to change the battery. Labor accounts for 72 percent of a large commercial facility’s battery replacement cost. Click here to view a company video on the cost of battery replacement.

Procell’s full product line includes Alkaline Intense Power & Constant Power, Lithium Coin and High Power Lithium in standard sizes: AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, 2032, 2025, 2016, 123 and CR2. Click here to view the entire line. Explore the product pages for descriptions, features, recommended device usage and data sheets. Procell has also created an impressive suite of tools to help retailers educate the professional market on the potential total cost savings of using a device-specific battery vs. a consumer brand battery – click here to view. They also offer additional calculation tools only available by contacting a Procell representative.

Labor costs may account for 72% of a large commercial facility’s battery replacement costs.

Annual savings of 36% on the total battery replacement costs for an office of 500+ people are achievable.

Choosing the right batteries can mean 75% fewer batteries are used each year in a large commercial facility.

We supplied Procell batteries to local hotel owners and one commercial property company. Although not a scientific experiment, all testers reported longer life and better performance of their battery-powered devices in a wide range of applications—hotel door locks, paper dispensers, flashlights, etc. Prior to providing the samples we utilized Procell’s tools to help educate the property owner on the total potential cost savings. One owner’s quote summed up the Procell advantage: “With today’s economic conditions we are constantly looking for ways to lower our overhead, but never once thought to analyze our total battery replacement cost. We just bought the cheapest batteries we could find and thought we were saving money.”

If your store services the professional market or you are looking to enter the market, contact a Procell representative to learn more about their products and resources to help make you successful.

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