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Peel-Tek® 150 Liquid Masking Tape

Peel-Tek® 150, a multi-surface liquid masking tape, removes the frustration caused by paint bleeding through traditional tape applied to rough or porous surfaces such as brick, stucco, cement and untreated wood. Peel-Tek can also serve as a temporary protective coating for both porous and non-porous surfaces and simply peels off cleanly when done. 

Peel-Tek starts as a turquoise color liquid with the consistency of yogurt and dries to a rubber-like protective coating. It can be applied with a roller or paint brush to almost any surface and dries in about 15 minutes depending on the thickness applied. Once dry, Peel-Tek can stay on for as long as required with no adverse effects and still be easily removed. If applied in an exterior location with UV exposure, it should be removed within five to seven days.

Since Peel-Tek is a new masking method, there is a small learning curve when compared to a simple roll of tape. The company’s website offers numerous videos demonstrating various applications on job sites and includes various pro tips. Click here to view. One video features the product used in combination with masking paper to protect from overspray.

One of our pro testers had the opportunity to utilize Peel-Tek in combination with masking paper when spraying a room with a rough surface. He typically would have applied tape with clear caulk to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the protected surface. He was able to reduce his initial preparation time and produce the same high-quality edge, with the added bonus that clean-up work was simple and easy. The product’s benefits proved an excellent combination of reducing his overall time on the job and increasing profitability.

While Peel-Tek is an ideal product for your painting contractors and homeowners, it has endless applications in crafting. Since it can be applied to almost any surface, its application is only limited by the user’s imagination. 

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