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Orgill 2024 Spring Dealer Market Sets Record Attendance, Adds More Vendors

Orgill announced record attendance at its 2024 Spring Dealer Market at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 22-24.

The line for Orgill’s 2024 Spring Dealer Market started at 6 a.m. Hardware retailers from across the country were queued and ready to check out the products, deals and special show pricing. Orgill executives lauded the event as an unqualified success, citing record attendance numbers at the market, which was held at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., February 22-24.

“It’s always our goal to put on an event that makes it well worth the trip for our customers, and we think we have achieved that here in Orlando,” says Boyden Moore, Orgill president and CEO. “Now, more than ever, retailers in this industry need to be proactive about finding ways to compete and succeed and our Market is designed to provide them with the tools they need to do just that. We are very thankful to all the retailers who are here and all of our vendor partners who step up to make the event the best in the industry.”

At the three-day event, hardware retailers could visit model stores and stop by more than 1,200 vendor booths to see product demonstrations and network with hardware industry manufacturers along with attending educational sessions.

At the Orgill 2024 Spring Dealer Market entrance, retailers could pin their stores’ locations on a giant map. By the end of the show, hundreds of pins covered the map.

Upon walking into the Orlando Convention Center, hardware retailers were greeted with a giant map where they could place pins on their stores’ locations. By the end of the market, hundreds of red pins dotted the map, indicating that the Orgill 2024 Spring Market drew hardware retailers from across the globe.

Hybrid Event Connects Online, In Person

For the first time, the Spring Dealer Market was a hybrid event, with an online buying event at the same time as the in-person market in Orlando.

“It was our first hybrid event, but it has been great,” Moore said. “We have a record attendance from our customers, and we have got 10 percent more vendors. We have over 1,200 vendors here. It’s been exciting.”

The Orgill 2024 Online Buying Event runs from February 19 to March 3, and the distributor has planned another similar event, the Orgill Summer 2024 Online Buying Event for May 20-June 2.

“We are very pleased to offer nearly all the promotions online as well as on the floor at the Dealer Market,” says Greg Stine, executive vice president of marketing and communications. “This allows our dealers to explore and take notes on the floor, place orders if they want, but also get fully organized and finish their orders next week. We find it works very well for our dealers.”

Prospective Conversions Flock to Market

In addition to current Orgill customers setting a record attendance at the Spring Dealer Market in Orlando, hundreds of prospective, new Orgill customers visited the show.

“We have 263 prospects that are here with us visiting for the first time, and we usually do a pretty good job of converting those prospects and the customers after the show,” Moore said. “So, we’re excited to have that number, and that’s a very high number for us.

That number of prospects has only been eclipsed on a couple of previous occasions, according to Moore. He cited Orgill’s expansion into the Canadian market as one of those times and he added: “There’s been a couple other things that have been special in the industry that have driven that kind of number, but we don’t know what’s really driving it. We’re finding a lot of opportunity to talk to some prospective new business.”

Increased Emphasis on Farm, Pet Categories

The 2024 Orgill Spring Market featured a new Farm and Pet Showcase, which featured dozens of vendors within the agriculture, equine and pet product categories. One of the most popular stops during the market was the Pet Oasis, where hardware retailers could interact with adoptable rescue dogs.

“We are very excited to present our Farm and Pet showcase,” says Matt Ray, senior category manager for outdoor living. “We have more than 1,000 items in our Farm and Pet showcase throughout the 10,000-square-foot area.”

Merchandising, Assortment, Store Design Ideas on Display

At the Orgill 2024 Spring Dealer Market, attendees could walk through Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden, a 14,000-square-foot model store, featuring full departments for impulse, lawn and garden, paint, pet, housewares, hardware and fasteners.

During the market, hardware retailers could walk through fully merchandised concept stores along with the Impulse Showcase to see merchandising solutions and examples of innovative store design.

In the center of the market, attendees could visit examples of store design and merchandising of Central Network Retail Group (CNRG) brands Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden and LumberJack Home & Building Center. On display were assortments, end caps and signage ideas that hardware retailers could bring to their own stores.

The LumberJack Home & Building Center concept store is based on LumberJack’s pro-focused brand. Hardware retailers could see the design of a full rental department along with a large Midwest Fasteners display.

“I’m thrilled to be here at Orgill’s Dealer Market, where innovation and industry growth take center stage,” says Jim Rivas, president of Tyndale Advisors. “We are excited to work with our customers at the market, harnessing our expertise and guiding businesses toward success with our branding strategies.”

Also within the model stores, attendees could ask questions of Orgill staff and interact with a checkout counter equipped with a complete POS system, including FanBuilder integration.

On display at Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden and LumberJack Home & Building Center were assortments, end caps and signage ideas that hardware retailers could bring to their own stores.

Retailers Jumped at Buying Opportunities

Throughout the 2024 Spring Dealer Market, hardware retailers could choose among thousands of product specials, promotions, pallet buys, planograms and a wide assortment of special pricing exclusively for Orgill customers.

“I had a lot of vendors coming up to me telling me, ‘I sold more yesterday than I expected to sell,’” Moore said.  

For retailers looking to maximize sales and profits and tighten assortments, Orgill created the Smart Start showcase with more than 600 linear feet of products. This program helps retailers update, upgrade or enhance their inventories while converting to Orgill’s warehouse-backed vendor programs. Smart Starts also allow retailers who are converting product lines to swap current inventories seamlessly and receive credit to offset some of the conversion cost.

“The Spring Dealer Market and our Online Buying Events have reputations for offering our customers fantastic buying opportunities, and we appreciate how our vendors continue to step up and make sure that we live up to our customers’ expectations,” said Jeff Curler, Orgill’s executive vice president of purchasing.

In addition, attendees could browse the Exclusively Orgill showcase, which features a broad selection of private-label products from Orgill’s Christmas, patio, warehouse and Halloween booking programs, each tailored to meet the unique needs of Orgill customers.

New Trends Highlighted during Show

New faucets, matte black bath hardware, a comprehensive hand tool assortment and new

country-style light fixtures were introduced at the Orgill 2024 Spring Dealer Market. U.S. Market Special items and New Items areas increased by 20 percent compared to the 2023 Dealer Market.

“We have a record number of planograms submitted with discounts to provide our customers a great opportunity to buy into new and innovative assortments,” said Alan Shore, director of seasonal merchandise.

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