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Louisville Ladder Aluminum Attic Ladder

Let’s face it, no one likes to climb into the attic. During the winter it’s freezing and in the summer it’s stifling hot. Adding to the unpleasant conditions is climbing a wobbly wooden ladder with treads that flex with each step. Louisville Ladder has a solution for the old wooden attic ladder.

Louisville Ladder introduced an aluminum attic ladder complete with aluminum frame. The unit is 30 percent lighter than a traditional wooden attic ladder and installs in a fraction of the time. In addition to the weight savings, Louisville Ladder added a few clever ideas to make installation a breeze. The aluminum frame is pre-drilled so mounting it is as simple as securing a few screws. Next is adjustable shoes for the feet of the ladder, eliminating the need to cut a perfect angle for the base. Lastly, they added weather stripping to prevent energy loss. Click here to learn more.

We could not find one of our professional testers who was ready to install an attic ladder into a new home. However, one did volunteer to replace his existing wooden ladder with the aluminum ladder. He commented that it took longer to remove his existing wooden ladder than it did to replace it with the aluminum ladder. He also mentioned the pre-drilled aluminum frame and adjustable shoes took all the stress out of the project.

The Louisville Aluminum Ladder is lighter, easier to install and sturdier than the conventional wooden attic ladders.

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