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Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser

KrudKutter_degreaser-lgKrud Kutter has added two new products to its lineup: Kitchen Degreaser and Rust, Calcium and Lime Stain Remover. The Kitchen Degreaser was a huge hit, cleaning ovens, stove tops and kitchen countertops. Unlike other kitchen cleaners there is a very light scent and there is no sticky residue left behind. Our testers remarked how easy it was to clean up even dried drippings in the oven and stove tops without smearing it over the surface, requiring even more time to clean up the clean-up.

In addition, Krud Kutter’s Kitchen Degreaser is food safe and non-toxic and meets U.S. EPA “Safer Product Standards” and is safe to use on countertops, cabinets, stove tops and even carpets and fabrics.

If you are looking to stock a tough all-in-one kitchen degreaser in your cleaning department, we don’t think you will go wrong with Krud Kutter’s Kitchen Degreaser. Check out the video here:

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