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iFIXIT–Pro Tech Toolkit, Essential Electronics Toolkit, Mako Driver Kit

iFixit is a global repair community with a line of industry-leading tools you may have never heard of before. iFixit was started in 2003 by two college students in California trying to fix an old computer with no instructions or the right tools.

As computers, gadgets and other devices have exploded, so has iFixit with the tools and know-how for the average consumer to repair everything from their smartphone to common household items. iFixit currently offers more than 50,000 free repair manuals and 150,000 solutions covering over 20,000 devices.

iFixit toolkits are created using the information from thousands of repair manuals and expert teardowns to ensure the average consumer has everything they need in one kit to tackle even the most complex repairs. Our testers had the opportunity to utilize a few of their flagship toolkits including the Pro Tech Toolkit, Essential Electronics Toolkit and Mako Driver Kit.

The Mako Driver Kit includes a 4 mm screwdriver handle with magnetic bit socket and 64 bits including some of the most unique bits: torx, torx security, pentalobe (Apple’s security bit), JIS and hex, just to name a few. The Essential Electronics Toolkit contains 16 4 mm screwdriver bits, suction cup handle and various prying/opening tools. The Pro Tech Toolkit is their signature all-in-one kit combining the bit set and the essential kit.

Our testers raved about the build quality of the tools, backed by a lifetime warranty, but also just how often they made use of the kits during common household repairs for power tools, kitchenware, vehicles, etc. As manufacturers expand their use of security and proprietary bits, having a well-stocked toolkit is essential.

As we enter the holiday shopping season, iFixit toolkits make a great addition to your gift idea inventory. The company’s website has an interactive map showing all retail locations offering their kits, which helps drive traffic to stores from their thousands of daily visitors. To see a video, click here.

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