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Hyde PivotJet™ Pro



Hyde Tools is another “Blue Blood” company in our industry. They have been making quality painters’ tools long before my grandfather was running our family-owned hardware store. We have reviewed their pivot head pressure washer wands in the past and I haven’t spoken to one retailer or consumer who doesn’t think the idea and product is great.

Hyde has taken the pivot head concept and incorporated it into the PivotJet™ Pro hand wand nozzle, which attaches to your garden hose and also has a built-in clear soap reservoir. The idea is nothing new, but adding the pivot head was simply brilliant.

How many times have you tried to get to a place where you have to stand on your head to reach, like tire wells on your truck or car? Or  perhaps you’ve had to reach around the corner of the house from the second-story railing to wash the windows, clean out the gutters or spray degreaser under an ATV or even an airplane like I have.

Not only does the head of the wand pivot 135 degrees, it also can adjust the spray pattern and it will even accept other standard garden hose accessories. Wait, there is more. It also has an easy and convenient soap mixture control and it has a place to hold extra hose washers so the wand doesn’t leak down your arm as you are using it above your head.

The Hyde PivotJet™ Pro really is a great idea and it will make a great endcap item in your stores this summer and early fall as customers begin putting away their summer toys and cleaning one last time around the house before winter comes.


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