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Hyde 9” Round Dust-Free Sander Kit

The name Hyde requires no introduction in the hardware channel as the company approaches its 150th anniversary. Hyde tools are renowned as the ultimate companions for painters, drywall experts and remodeling professionals. The company slogan is “For a Better Finish, Start with Hyde®.”

The sander boasts a nine-inch round pivoting head mounted to a two-piece lightweight aluminum extension pole. The included six-foot hose attaches to traditional wet/dry vacuums. Additionally, the sander features a suction control valve, enabling users to adjust to various surfaces. Removing up to 99 percent of dust while sanding, the nine-inch sander includes long-lasting net abrasives with three grits: 120, 180 and 240.

Designed for contractors or serious DIYers, we provided a sample to a local painter tackling a significant refinishing project. Initially concerned about the fatigue of maneuvering a nine-inch sander up and down a painted wall, our tester’s worries were swiftly alleviated by the lightweight pole. Upon completing the job over multiple days, he reported, “It worked flawlessly. Not only did it reduce the sanding time, but it also significantly reduced my clean-up time.”

If your hardware store serves professional painters and contractors, consider the Hyde nine-inch Round Dust-Free Sander as an exceptional addition to your inventory.

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