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House-Hasson’s Virtual Market Helps Dealers Cope with Hurricane Aftermath

October 5, 2022

House-Hasson Hardware is holding a virtual dealer market through Friday, October 7, 2022 to save dealers served by House-Hasson time away from their independent hardware and lumberyard stores, and not because of Covid-19. Hurricane Ian, an unanticipated event, is putting an even greater crush on dealers’ time in certain regions of the country hit especially hard by the hurricane.

“Many dealers are facing the same staffing difficulties experienced by businesses across the country,” said Steve Henry, House-Hasson president. “Also, the last several years have been history-making in terms of how busy hardware stores and lumberyards are. A virtual market enables dealers to place orders to make their margins and not have to leave their stores. But we see this as a one-time event: our plans are to hold our next dealer market in-person.”

House-Hasson is the nation’s largest independent regional hardware distributor, serving 2,500 dealers in 23 states and the Caribbean Basin.

Henry said that due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian in Florida and South Carolina, it will mean dealers will become even busier meeting the reconstruction and repair needs of homeowners and businesses.

“Hardware stores and lumberyards are where homeowners and businesses will need to restore what they own and how they make their livings,” he said. “When there is extraordinary demand, as there will be in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, independent dealers respond. That means they’ll be even busier. Supplying the demand is the challenge, and we’re prepared to meet the needs of dealers and their customers.”

All buying specials are available to dealers through the virtual market are the same as offered at in-person markets. Dealers can also conduct video chat sessions with vendors and House-Hasson staff members.

“We’re focused on dealer profitability, and it was the right time for another virtual market now, and we’re looking forward to our next in-person dealer market, set for January in Nashville, Tennessee,” Henry said.

House-Hasson has two warehouses, totaling about 750,000 feet, at its corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., and in Prichard, W.Va.

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