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House-Hasson Names New Vice President of Merchandising

Jason Rasmussen

House-Hasson Hardware, America’s largest independent regional hardware distributor, has named a new vice president of merchandising, company president Steve Henry has announced.

Jason Rasmussen took over House-Hasson’s merchandising responsibilities upon the resignation of Jason Monroe, who had held the position since 2015.

“Jason Rasmussen will do an outstanding job for our independent hardware store and lumberyard dealers,” said Henry. “He knows the business, products, stays on top of trends, understands dealers’ needs and he has a passion for excellence. We’re glad to have him on board.”

As merchandising vice president, Rasmussen heads the department which negotiates all deals with vendors, supervises product promotions offered throughout the year and at House-Hasson’s three annual dealer markets, buys items for House-Hasson’s warehouses and subsequent distribution for dealers, and is responsible for any other merchandise-related subjects.

Rasmussen, 46, joined House-Hasson last year as senior product manager for tools and lawn and garden products. He came to House-Hasson from his native Minnesota, where he was director of merchandising and replenishment for a hardware distributor.

In his career Rasmussen has also owned two hardware stores, which he says gives him insight into dealers’ needs and desires.

“That experience impacts every decision I make,” Rasmussen said. “Dealers know it when you’re always thinking about them because it shows up in the products and quantities from which they’re able to grow their strongest bottom line.”

Rasmussen said House-Hasson’s progress and potential are what made him want to be part of the company.

“The growth House-Hasson was seeing within the industry was remarkably impressive, and I thought I could help them continue it,” he said. “I’m hoping to further improve our processes in how we serve dealers to help promote solid growth. We’re perpetually looking for new sources of supply. We’re also building and strengthening relationships with key vendor partners. That’s a big part of what we’re going to be doing.”

Rasmussen when to high school in his hometown of Rochester, Minn., and then to North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D. He also has completed a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) supply chain analytics program.

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