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House-Hasson Cancels Fall Virtual Market

House-Hasson Hardware has decided to cancel its Fall Virtual Market in October so the company can focus on improving performance on everyday business. 

“The pandemic is causing record sales at hardware outlets across the country. The result is that supply chains are stretched to the limit. Fill rates and delivery schedules are nowhere near what we want and expect. We are taking steps to correct the situation while trying to fill every order we receive,” said President Don Hasson. 

He added, “We seek to return to our normal performance of 96 percent service level and on-time delivery. We expect it will take the rest of this year to do so. The main variable will be for our vendors to return to their normal fill rates.” 

House-Hasson will have a road show in October featuring warehouse specials and drop-ship door busters. “The next key point will be increased emphasis on our January market at the Opryland Hotel. This will be the first major in-person hardware show in the country between now and then,” Hasson said. That event is scheduled for January 28-30, 2021. 

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