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HDA Hosts Distribution Center Workshop

Members of Hardlines Distribution Alliance recently attended a distribution center workshop hosted by Blish-Mize.

Hardlines Distribution Alliance (HDA) hosted a distribution center workshop at the Blish-Mize distribution center in Atchison, Kan., last week. The workshop was organized to provide HDA member distributors with an opportunity to learn and share efficient distribution center practices and included a tour of the Blish-Mize distribution center and a series of sessions that focused on transportation, technology, and equipment and robotics.

During the tour of the distribution center, attendees were provided the opportunity to witness efficient practices and how technology can be utilized to increase fill rates and accuracy. The tour included open floor time for attendees to learn more about a specific area that interested them.

“It’s very rare that you get the opportunity to see how others tackle the same daily challenges that you face in your own business,” said John Wallace, vice president of operations at Wallace Distribution. “The HDA warehouse workshop was an exciting chance to gain another perspective on common issues as well as make new connections with peers that are like-minded and growth focused. My crew and I thoroughly benefited from Blish-Mize’s highly experienced team and their dedication to common sense solutions. I’m grateful to have a partner in HDA that can provide such valuable insights to my business.”

After the tour, individual sessions focused on topics such as transportation routing, technology options, material handling equipment, robotics and performance metrics. An open discussion allowed participants to ask questions or circle back for more details on a specific topic. By sharing these best practices, attendees have the opportunity to take new ideas back to their respective businesses in the hopes of utilizing equipment and technology to improve processes in their own distribution centers.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Blish-Mize team for providing us with a tour of their distribution center and to the HDA team for coordinating this invaluable sharing opportunity,” said Jeff Clapp, chief operations officer at General Hardware Distributors. “As a result of this experience, we have gained practical ideas that will be implemented in our operations soon, thereby making our organization stronger.”

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