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GTA 26 – Stihl

The GTA 26 garden pruner is one of those products that does not fit within existing categories of outdoor power tools. It features a 4” guide bar with a traditional saw chain but is not like any traditional chain saw. The pruner is designed for pruning trees and shrubs, but performs such clean cuts it can also be used on woodworking projects or timber-based construction.

The GTA 26 10.8V battery offers up to 25 minutes of run time and weighs only 3.1 lbs. It’s small size and light weight can easily be used with one hand until you remember this is a chain saw capable of inflicting serious harm. STIHL designed a unique two-handed system that can best be described as an upside “cup and saucer” hand placement—one hand on top the second on the handle/trigger. This design gives excellent control during operation.

All of our testers could not stop commenting about the overall versatility and endless applications of the GTA 26. One of our female testers does not feel comfortable using a traditional chain saw and does her tree pruning with large shears. Over time this has become more difficult and strenuous. The GTA 26 with its small size, light weight and ease of use were a game-changer for her. This is one of those tools you did not realize you needed until you use it, and then you cannot imagine working without it.

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