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FSA 57 – Stihl

The FSA 57 is a battery-powered line trimmer designed for the typical homeowner use. The FSA 57 has numerous features making trimming quicker, convenient and less strenuous for the user. The trimmer is extremely lightweight at only 7.5 lbs with an adjustable shaft and handle. This helps to eliminate the back strain some users get when using heavier non-adjustable trimmers. The ability to customize the height and handle angle also provides an ergonomic feeling while in use.

The FSA 57 battery has up to 20 minutes of run time and since it’s part of the AK Series the batteries are interchangeable between equipment. One common complaint among traditional trimmer users is the battle with feeding the line. STIHL has designed a trimmer head called the AutoCut® head, which feeds the trimmer line with a simple tap on the ground but also does not require the user to disassemble the head when it’s time to reload the line.

Our testers were extremely impressed with the adjustable shaft and handle to accommodate user height. One tester raved about the bump guard, which is a metal flip guard that limits the cutting range for trimming around obstacles. This particular user has a vinyl fence and has done some damage in the past when the trimmer string came in contact with the fence. The FSA 57 is an excellent and versatile trimmer that coupled with the ability to swap batteries within the series makes it a perfect entry point for homeowners.

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