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Fiskars Pro IsoCore™ Hammers

Fiskars has introduced a full line of nine different Pro IsoCore™ Hammers that range from 16 oz. finish hammers and 20 oz. general use hammers up to a 28 oz. framing hammer. We tested the 20 oz. general use and 28 oz. framing hammer, which come in both smooth and milled head.

The patented IsoCore® Shock Relief System features an insulating collar that interrupts the path of vibration from the strike, significantly reducing the shock and punishment your body takes. It’s been medically proven to reduce strain in the muscles that are injured in cases of tennis elbow. According to Fiskars, MRI results showed on average, users of the IsoCore hammers had a 60 percent reduction in muscle inflammation compared to users of steel and wood hammers, significantly reducing the strain in the muscles. That’s a game-changer for anyone who spends their day swinging a hammer.

The extended grip lets you choke up for precision work, while the hooked handle keeps the tool in your hand when swinging with maximum force. Both hammers come in smooth and milled face, with the milled face serving to reduce the amount of miss hits.

The testers commented on how secure and nice the grip was with the ergonomically contoured handle, and they noted it was even designed to draw moisture away from your palm, which is a nice feature when working outside in the humidity down here in Florida. They found the framing hammer easy to use with the nail-starter groove making it a breeze to start nails even in hard-to-reach places. This line of hammers is definitely worth adding to your hand tool department.

Click here to watch a video on the hammers in action.

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