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Emery Jensen Makes Significant Investments to Supply Chain

Emery Jensen’s Retail Support Center in Spokane, Wash.

Retailer demand for Emery Jensen Distribution’s products continues to grow as a result of the past two years of supply chain challenges across the United States. Emery Jensen is also experiencing tremendous organic growth as the distributor continues to expand its national footprint. To support this increased growth and demand, Emery Jensen has implemented plans to expand the capabilities of its Retail Support Centers (RSCs) and increase distribution resources, with more drivers, trucks, warehouse employees and sales staff across the country.

“Emery Jensen is continuously exploring ways to better serve our customers and the upgrades that will be made to our RSCs will improve the flow of products to our retail partners,” said Alison Dowell, president and general manager of Emery Jensen. “In addition to the enhancements being made in our RSCs, we are hiring more employees to help ensure our customers get the products they order as quickly as possible.”

The expansion of Emery Jensen’s distribution capabilities will be made throughout the country to help meet increased demand and to better serve retailers. In particular, Emery Jensen customers in the Northwest will begin seeing benefits early this year as the Spokane, Wash., RSC offers 4,000 new, pro-focused SKUs to meet the growing demand in the region.

“As we continue to focus on growing our pro assortments throughout the nation, we feel that the Northwest is a great opportunity,” said Joe Furlane, director of merchandising for Emery Jensen. “We are committed to adding thousands of pro SKUs, not only in our Spokane facility but across all of our RSCs to support this growth initiative.”

New automated product selection technology will also be added to Emery Jensen RSCs, which will improve efficiency and increase order picking accuracy for all customer orders. Improvements made to the RSCs, along with an expanded workforce, will greatly benefit Emery Jensen customers and position them as the preferred choice for hardlines distribution. Emery Jensen Distribution is a national distributor serving independent retailers in the pro lumber, paint, hardware and e-commerce channels. With 15 distribution centers and a headquarters in Oak Brook Ill., Emery Jensen is positioned well to help independent retailers be more profitable, by offering skill and scale to the advantage of their customers.

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