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Duracell Optimum

Duracell recently launched a new premium line of AA and AAA batteries under the name Duracell Optimum. The Optimum line features “extra life” and “extra power,” enabling a flashlight to shine brighter and longer. Optimum’s enhanced performance is driven by a new proprietary cathode system that outperforms even Coppertop. The technology is one of the biggest innovations for alkaline batteries in the past 50 years.

The battery technology is just one feature that sets Optimum apart from other batteries. The packaging also underwent a redesign. The new package features a slider pack with a resealable storage tray featured in the following videos: slider packsealable tray. While I doubt many people give too much thought to battery packaging when purchasing, the new design does replace the old Ziploc bags found in many closets and bags.

As any parent can attest, batteries are in virtually every device. You don’t even realize some of these devices have batteries until they stop working (e.g. wireless mouse, toothbrush, gaming controllers). The gaming industry has exploded over the past decade with more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide and 75 percent of American households have at least one gamer. The gaming market represents a staggering 22 percent of battery demand.

Batteries powering toys or other devices are great, but sometimes we rely on them for the basics during electrical outages caused by natural disasters. Living in a hurricane-prone area, our testers were more than versed on the critical role batteries play. We asked them to test the batteries in high-output, high-draining devices such as flashlights, communication devices and even a medical device. 

All reported their devices either performed better or longer compared to traditional batteries. During testing in the office, we found similar results when running our non-scientific test using two flashlights, one with Optimum and one with Coppertop left on all day. The flashlight with Optimum appeared to be brighter at the beginning of the test and for a longer duration before dimming. Our test results were supported by Duracell’s own data. Optimum performed better for a longer period of time and maintained in the peak performance zone.

Both Optimum AA and AAA are available in 4-, 6- and 12-count packaging. Optimum creates a new level of premium battery performance and is a perfect solution for customers looking for a battery offering peak performance and longer use.

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