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Do it Best Announces Newly Elected Board Members

Do it Best’s board of directors for 2023.

At the 2022 Do it Best Shareholders’ Meeting held at the fall market on September 11 in Indianapolis, new and re-elected board members were announced and a new board chair was named.

Rich Lender, president and CEO of Your Building Centers of Pennsylvania, was elected to his first term on the 12-person board. Additionally, Diana Newton, president of Bay Hardware, Lunada Bay Hardware and South Bay Hardware; David Sturdivant, CFO of Russell Do it Center and Bob Vaughan, CEO of Alamo Lumber, were all re-elected to their second three-year terms. Tim Post, co-owner of T & M Hardware & Rental Center, was re-elected to a third three-year term.

Joe Taylor of Taylor’s Do it Center and Pleasants Hardware will serve as the new chair of Do it Best Corp.

“As we continue to execute our long-term plan to drive consistent growth for all Do it Best members, it’s especially important that our board provides the expertise and guidance to drive the right results,” said Doug Mans, outgoing board chair. “Rich will be an exceptional addition, offering invaluable leadership experience and perspective, and I’m even more optimistic about our future as Joe Taylor steps in to serve as our next board chair.”

Lender, Newton, Post, Sturdivant and Vaughan join the following Do it Best member-owners on the 2023 board:

● Eli Bliffert (Bliffert Lumber and Hardware)

● Michael Cohen (Panama Do it Center)

● Rob Gardiner (Damariscotta Hardware and Randolph Hardware)

● Doug Mans (Mans Lumber and Millwork)

● Jeff Pardini (Hills Flat Lumber)

● Scott Pesavento (Hemlock Hardware)

● Joe Taylor (Pleasants Hardware and Taylor’s Do it Center)

The board also elected the following officers:

● Joe Taylor, Board Chair

● David Sturdivant, Vice Chair

● Michael Cohen, Secretary

● Eli Bliffert, Treasurer

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