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Crescent Steel Framing Hammer

Crescent Tools stands as an iconic brand, universally recognized for its hand tools, notably the adjustable wrench. With more than a century of history, Crescent® has expanded its offerings by incorporating several legacy brands such as Wiss®, Lufkin®, Nicholson®, H.K. Porter®, and JOBOX®, broadening its product range across various categories.

Recently, Crescent provided us with samples of their 22 oz. Steel Framing Hammer for review. Packed with features aimed at reducing user fatigue, enhancing performance and improving ergonomics, this hammer boasts the innovative VibeGuard™ Vibration Control System within the handle, which reduces vibrations by 70 percent. Additionally, it features a 15 percent larger bell, minimizing mis-hits and offering leading power-to-weight performance. The handle is equipped with a textured fawn’s foot grip and a tether hole. Click here to view a brief company video.

We distributed these samples to a group of framers at a local job site. The testers were quick to comment on the hammer’s “feel.” As one tester said, “you know that feeling when a tool just fits perfectly in your hand.” Others also praised the textured grip and the secure handhold provided by the fawn’s foot design. After a day of use, we gathered feedback on the VibeGuard™ Vibration Control System. One user summed it up perfectly: “Initially, you expect to feel the vibration after striking, but after a while, you forget about it altogether.”

The Crescent line of hammers, with its outstanding features, is a valuable addition to stores catering to professionals in the trades or DIY enthusiasts who demand more from their tools.

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