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Crescent® Bolt Biter™ Impact Nut Extractor & Driver

Anyone who has turned a wrench knows the frustration of removing a stripped, rusted or damaged bolt. I grew up with the “heat it and beat it” technique, and while taking out your frustration on a damaged fastener can be therapeutic, it is also highly time-consuming. Crescent® has created a tool to eliminate the stress and time required to complete the job—the Crescent Bolt Biter™ impact nut extractor and driver.

The socket features a tapered design to sit on fasteners, providing five times the gripping force. The drive is also bi-directional, allowing for the removal and reuse of the fastener. Inside the socket is an integrated magnet, allowing the fastener to stay in place for either extraction or driving. At the end of the socket is a 1/4 hex shank for compatibility with impact drivers and drills.

We received samples of the five-piece set with a 1-7/8” length shaft ranging in sizes from ¼” to ½”. Crescent also offers a three-piece set with a 6” length shaft. Our testers were anxious to see how the Bolt Biter would perform. Living in South Florida provides us with ample access to rusted or damaged fasteners. We have a saying: “South Florida, where even plastic rusts!”

The Bolt Biters were tested on rusted fasteners found in boat bilges, ATVs and trailers. All testers responded with the same opinion: “These are game changers.” The Bolt Biters removed every rusted and stripped fastener our testers could throw at them. Another tester said it best: “Every toolbox needs a set of the Bolt Biters.”

If your store stocks sockets or specialty tools, you should strongly consider adding them to your inventory. Your customers will thank you later.

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