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BULK-STRAP — Turf Inc.

In previous product reviews, I have reflected on my childhood experiences growing up in an active DIY family that didn’t own a pickup truck. I can’t count how many times we returned from the hardware store with our trusty Oldsmobile loaded with lumber and various materials, all secured using only twine provided by the store. Fortunately, we never lost a load, but BULK-STRAP could have significantly simplified our lives.

BULK-STRAP, owned by Turf Inc. since 1992, manufactures and distributes a broad line of webbing, webbing assemblies and fasteners. The straps can be cut easily with scissors or a hot knife and are offered in standard rolls of 300 feet or custom lengths. The company offers a polypropylene strap for lightweight applications, medium-weight applications are made from nylon and heavy-duty is made from polyester. Hardware items such as buckles, slip-loks and cam buckles are available in both plastic and metal. See below to watch a video providing an overview of their products.

Since Bulk-Strap is sold by length, the list of applications is virtually endless. So, we contacted a mix of testers for their opinion and challenged them to find a unique application. One use involved a garage/shed organization project to store tools neatly and securely. One tester who owns an underwater boat-bottom cleaning business used his samples to create a clever way of taking his cleaning tools underwater. Each tool was secured to him and easily detached with a buckle push.

The versatility and flexibility of Bulk-Strap make it a must-have for all hardware stores. The company takes pride in its retail displays and provides a variety of options to retailers.

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